about gamze

With a passion for stories, a curiosity about the human experience, and an aptitude for research, Gamze was naturally drawn to the discipline of psychology.

Practicing as a Clinical Psychologist allows Gamze to apply rational thought with creative insight to help her clients gain greater self-awareness and grow into the people they want to be. While Gamze has a warm and playful style, she is not afraid to challenge and is especially suited to those looking for ‘tough love’.

Gamze aims to help her clients cope with stress, worries, and fears, improve and stabilize mood, improve communication skills, become more assertive, create harmonious relationships, battle self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy, and live more authentic, congruent, and meaningful lives. She feels privileged to be able to work so intimately with people on some of the most challenging problems they will ever face.

How to pronounce Gamze?

Gamze or /ɡʌmzɛ/ is pronounced gum + ze (like zen but without the n). It’s of Turkish origin and means dimples.

Training & Modalities

Gamze has completed more than ten years of study in psychology including a PhD of Clinical Psychology in which she conducted research examining the relationship between trust behaviours and borderline personality disorder when trust is formed, violated, and restored.

Gamze draws on a number of therapeutic frameworks such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Person/Client Centred Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), to tailor treatment to the needs and preferences of her clients. She particularly favours behavioural interventions and will support, challenge, and motivate you to act.


Gamze has practiced psychology in various settings including The Indigo Project, The Practice, Grand Pacific Health, and Illawarra Community Mental Health. Gamze has an interest in working with anxiety, dating & relationship issues, OCD, depression, burnout, stress, procrastination, perfectionism, low self-esteem, and personality disorders. Gamze also has experience providing group therapy and has facilitated groups for social anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and chronic mental health issues.

Other Experiences

Gamze was born in Turkey, grew up in Australia, lived in Japan, and is co-parenting with an Israeli. She has a keen sense of how culture can shape us and strives to bring cultural awareness to her work as a therapist.

Gamze has also worked in other settings including university teaching and research, advertising, and teaching English in Tokyo. Gamze has been an employee, a freelancer, a business owner, and a stay-at-home parent. She studied at uni in her late teens and again as a mature age student. She’s changed careers more than once and sees herself as continually expanding, exploring, and pivoting. All of her experiences give Gamze a broader perspective about career paths, especially for those looking to shake things up.