Fees & Rebates

Individual Therapy

An in-person or telehealth session is $290 (60 minutes).

The Medicare rebate is $131.65.

Currently our government provides access to rebates for 10 sessions per year on a mental health care plan with a valid referral from your GP.

You may be eligible for a rebate. Talk to admin or see your GP to discuss this further.

If you are not using a MHCP but have private health insurance, your insurer may provide rebates. Please speak to them directly about the terms and conditions.

Couples Therapy

An in-person or telehealth session is $300 (60 minutes) or $400 (90 minutes).

Medicare rebates are not available for couples therapy.

Check with your private health insurer to see whether they offer rebates for couples therapy.

Maintenance Therapy

These sessions are for suitable individuals or couples who are nearing the end of treatment and only require shorter sessions to check in, troubleshoot or tweak strategies, and make sure they remain on track. Suitability for these sessions can be discussed with your therapist. Please note, access to these shorter sessions may change depending on your circumstances.

A telehealth or phone session is $175 (30 minutes). Shorter in-person sessions are not available.

Medicare rebates are not available.

Cancellation Fees

Cancelled or missed sessions incur the full fee if notice is not given within the 48 hours prior to the appointed time.

You will be sent a reminder email at 4 days prior and a text message at 8am 2 days prior to your appointment.

You may cancel by either emailing, leaving a voicemail, or speaking to admin.

If you wish to change your appointment to telehealth or phone, email Gamze directly.

Medicare rebates are not available for cancelled/missed sessions.

If another person takes your reserved time slot the full fee will be waived and replaced with a $30 admin fee.